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Why Did You Land On This Page?

If you’ve reached this page, you want to contact the office. You are here typically because you want to schedule an appointment. If that’s you, then simply give the office a call. 330-493-9810.

Or, you have a question. We find the most common question is…

Do You Accept Insurance?

First off, people do not seek our help because of insurance. People seek our help because they are looking for the best care available. They are looking for cutting-edge care, care that can’t be gotten anywhere else. They are looking for health professionals who will listen to what they have to say. They are looking for RESULTS…end of story.

If you're looking for results...then simply call the office for an appointment.

If you you're still curious about the insurance question, keep reading.

To answer the insurance question, let’s first look at what it does help with:

• Medications

• Surgery

• Some forms of therapy (like physical therapy, occupational therapy, mental health counseling, etc.)

• Symptom-based care

Read those 4 bullet points, and know that in my office, we do none of those things. We especially do not offer symptom-based care of any kind. What we do offer is Root Cause care, and this is what helps us to get the great results that we do.

So – NO – insurance does not contribute to anything we do. If you’re looking for insurance to pay for your HEALTH CARE, then I'm not sure what to say. Just know, in the grander scheme of things…they’re not offering you health care at all…they’re offering you “sickness care”…that’s what they do. (For the record, there’s nothing wrong with “sickness care”, it’s just not what we do.)

What we do is work to get you healthy…Optimally Healthy.

If you’d like to reach Optimum Health, then let’s do this! Call us right now at 330-493-9810.

When you call, you will be asked to attend our Fast Track To Health Seminar. All your questions will be answered in that seminar; and you will know - with certainty - if you should schedule an appointment. When it comes to your health, it is important to proceed with eyes wide open...causing you to make informed health decisions.

Information can indeed lead to TRANSFORMATION!

4216 Hills and Dales Rd NW, Canton, OH 44708, USA

When you’re ready to overcome your chronic health problems, we promise to guide you every step of the way toward Optimal Health. This causes you to you have more energy, no more aches & pain, better moods, and improved sleep.


I have improved my fibromyalgia at least 80% - with no narcotics, pain relievers, muscle relaxers. This is a major improvement; I feel like I can enjoy living. Depression improved.

Jennifer Ebron

Thyroid problems, fatigue, achiness, fibromyalgia, depression. No results with family doctor and/or pain management.

In 8 weeks, I have lost 18 pounds, experienced almost no headaches, sinus pain & drip is gone, swelling in joints has lessened drastically, PMS symptoms have improved as well”.

Sally Wright

Fatigue, overweight, headaches, severe PMS, swollen joints, post-nasal drip, depression and anxiety.

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4124 Fulton Dr NW Suite 101

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(330) 493-9810

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